7 Splendid Apps for a Pregnant Woman ...


7 Splendid Apps for a Pregnant Woman ...
7 Splendid Apps for a Pregnant Woman ...

With all of the different apps out there, what apps for pregnant women are actually worth downloading and having on your phone? While I am not expecting, I do have a friend that is and she gave me the low-down on all of the apps for pregnant women that you mommies-to-be should be downloading! Take a look below, I promise that they are amazing and they are so worth the extra space taken up on your phone! I further promise, these apps might not all be free, but they are absolutely worth the couple extra dollars!

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BabyBump itunes.apple.com
This is one of the necessary apps for pregnant women because not only is it a pregnancy tracker, it's also a social health network for expecting families! You can meet new moms and dads that are right at the same stage as you and it's a got a friendly, awesome, amazing forum to it! It's also got a pregnancy countdown on it and it's packed with all kinds of baby information!


I’m Expecting

I’m Expecting itunes.apple.com
This is a free app and it's one of the best apps out there for all of you expecting moms! It's a great way to track all of your symptoms, that way you can share them with your doctor and compare with other moms. You can also great weekly updates on how your baby is doing, add in doctor's appointments and you can upload photos of your baby bump! It's an all-in-one app!


Baby Names Wizard

Baby Names Wizard itunes.apple.com
If you still haven't found the right baby name for your adorable little bundle of joy, don't worry! This awesome app will help you figure out the perfect name and what the meaning is! It'll also give you all of the staff favorites and really let you in on what names are most popular!


Pregnancy Buzz

Pregnancy Buzz itunes.apple.com
This app is actually from TheBump.com and truthfully, it's an app for busy moms-to-be! It's for the moms that want to stay informed and connected at every single stage of the pregnancy. This is a real-mom advice app that will let you in on everything that has to do with being pregnant!


Sprout Pregnancy Essentials

Sprout Pregnancy Essentials itunes.apple.com
This app for pregnant moms-to-be is state-of-the-art and is honestly one of the best apps out there! It's an app that will give you all kinds of resources, all kinds of stunning color images of what your baby looks like and it's also a weight tracker and a kick counter!


Peaceful Nursery

Peaceful Nursery itunes.apple.com
This is one of those apps that you've got to have if you are looking for eco-friendly nursery things. This is honestly one of the best apps for new mommies looking to find all of the best, green ways of life for their new baby!


Fertility and Pregnancy Calculator

Fertility and Pregnancy Calculator itunes.apple.comFinally, the last app that we're going to explore is all about your due date – and your fertile dates! This is an app for those moms-to-be and those moms that are still trying to get pregnant. This is one of the best calculators out there and it's so state-of-the-art, it's crazy!

So, these are just a couple of the apps for pregnant moms out there! Are you pregnant and really want some apps that are amazing? Give 'em up!

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The app called cute fruit is a good app and it shows you the size of the baby!

The Baby Center has a great app too! It's called My Pregnancy (I think). This app will have anything for you read everyday, like comics and articles. This app will also keep you entertain even if you end up two weeks over-due (like I was). Also, it even continues after the baby is born they have another app called My Baby, which is almost like My Pregnancy except the updates are mostly about the baby and you.

I searched in app store for fertility and pregnancy calculator app in my ipad.but i dint find one

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