7 Business Apps No Serious Career Woman Should Be without ...


7 Business Apps No Serious Career Woman Should Be without ...
7 Business Apps No Serious Career Woman Should Be without ...

Every serious professional or career woman has an iPhone or iPad so instead of Angry Birds, Cosmo and tons of shopping apps, maybe your priority should be to make some of the best business apps become your indispensible everyday tools. With literally thousands of business apps out there which ones are the best? I’ve reviewed a huge pile and selected a few that I think are the best business apps for professional women.

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Hootsuite Every sector of industry and commerce is waking up to the power of social media which means that among the business apps every professional or career woman needs is one that helps keep all your social media accounts under control from one place. Hootsuite links all your social media accounts so you can send a message to them all simultaneously. It also allows you to synchronise your calendar and pre-set the dates for when your messages are sent. You can do this on the free version.




Rememberme One of the keys to success in business – particularly if you work face to face with clients – is your interpersonal skills. Being able to communicate with your contacts on an intimate level will take you a long way, but how do you remember all those important little details? Why with the Rememberme app. This handy little tool allows you to keep relevant information about your client/contact, record notes about meetings with them and make follow up memos to yourself. Costs $1.99.



Awesome Note

Awesome Note To me, this is one of the best apps for business women out there. Awesome Note is an all-in-one life organizer and although you can get a free Lite version, it really is worth paying $3.99 for the full package. As well as combining note-taking and a to-do list, Awesome has all those essential planning tools every business woman needs and more. It is also a very attractive interface making it a pleasure to use.




Expensify If you have an expense account or run your own business, keeping track of your expenses is vital. It can also be a real butt pain so anything that makes it easier can only be a good thing. Expensify is that good thing – it automates your entire expense process. You can upload your receipts by photographing them with your iPhone’s camera and the app is smart enough to scan the important details such as the amount and the date. It also allows you to record your mileage and create expense reports. And it’s free!



Time Master

Time Master Do you bill by the hour or need to keep track of time spent on individual projects? Time Master is one of the best business apps for not only tracking time by client job or project but it also includes expense recording and an optional billing application. All sorts of reporting is available and these can be exported to email. The app currently costs $9.99.



Anywhere Pad

Anywhere Pad Business apps should make working life easier and when it comes to dealing with meetings on the fly, the Anywhere Pad app is a godsend. Another of the great free apps for business users, Anywhere Pad allows you to conduct meetings that are paperless, efficient and secure from anywhere. As well as impromptu meetings it can also handle the whole meeting process from scheduling through to follow-up actions.




Dropbox Even the most organized and hot-to-trot professional can be caught on the hop by a curve ball thrown by a client. Sometimes it’s a case of saying “sorry, I’ll have to get back to you on that”. Other times, you know you have the answer in a document you haven’t brought with you. This is just one time when Dropbox will help. Dropbox is a cloud storage system for anything and everything. It gives you access to all your files in one place. Dropbox is one of those essential apps for business that transcends the professional into the personal. Everyone can find a reason why they should use Dropbox.


With business apps to service every aspect of your professional and working life they are definitely worth considering. You save time, gain time, get a step ahead of your competitors, impress your clients and be the consummate career girl. Do you have any business apps you simply can’t manage without?

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Informant is one of the best as well

nice! thanks good info

I dont ker

And of course Evernote. Awesome note syncs with it btw.

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