7 Best Apps for Learning a Language to Make You a Citizen of the World ...

Education on the go is so easy with a smartphone or tablet, and the best apps for learning a language also add the fun element. There is no substitute for learning a new language by immersing yourself in it and being able to practice as much as you can. The best apps for learning a new language allow you to learn and practice anywhere. Here are some great language apps youโ€™ll find more than useful.

1. Duolingo

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The great thing about apps is the different ways they can enhance the learning experience. The best apps for learning a language should be interactive and interesting, and you get that with Duolingo for free. If youโ€™re the kind of learner who enjoys quizzes youโ€™ll find Duolingo attractive, as much of the learning is via rapid-fire quizzes which test writing, listening and speaking. As you progress, higher grade lessons are unlocked. At the moment the language choices are English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian, but more are promised.

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