9 Creative Apps for Budding Artists ...


9 Creative Apps for Budding Artists ...
9 Creative Apps for Budding Artists ...

If you're an artist looking for apps to help you, let guest contributor Miles be your guide. Here are someone of his favorite apps! Thanks Miles.

So you want to be an artist? While there are many types media you can use to develop your creativity, one of the easiest ways to start is on your smartphone. So try out a few of these apps, and see where your talent and work ethic can take you.

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Glow Paint

Glow Paint itunes.apple.com

Have you ever felt the urge to draw something bright and dramatic across the night sky? You might have to keep dreaming about that, but you can at least paint a picture of what that might look like using this app. With Glow Paint, you can choose from a collection of extremely bright colors and draw just about anything all across your phone. With its 10 different paint colors, three different sizes, and the choice of several different backgrounds, you have a lot of options with Glow Paint. You can also save your work as a regular image file or a wallpaper. You can play around until you make something worth showing off, and then carry it with you everywhere.



Sketcher Sketching is a vital part of the artistic process. It helps increase your memory retention, can help you develop patterns and visual rhythms that you can use in finished works later on, and can help you to gain perspective on what you are really seeing. With Sketcher, you don't have to snap a pic. You can also take down quick sketches anywhere and develop them into finished pieces later.


Sketchbook Express

Sketchbook Express itunes.apple.com

Once you have a good idea of what kind of composition you want to put together, you can begin to really flesh it out. When you're ready to produce an image that will take hours and turn into a finished product that is worthy of showing the world, you want to use an app like Sketchbook Express. With a user interface you can learn how to use in minutes and the ability to tap into powerful tools, you can brush across the screen with ease and create something truily amazing.


Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express itunes.apple.com

One of the most powerful aspects of cloud computing is that it allows you to access what you want everywhere and share it with everyone regardless of what you're putting together is. With Photoshop Express, you can access photos on a free account that you create or upload them right from your phone. But sharing is only one part of the equation.

With numerous effects such as the ability to crop and adjust color and other attributes of your photos, you can quickly turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. You can even develop images that you can then use as part of subsequent pieces.



Befunky itunes.apple.com

Taking photos is great and sharing them is wonderful, but with Befunky Photo Editor you can do all that and more. With 20 different effects and several different kinds of frames, you can turn a pic from real into surreal and draw attention to where you want it. One of the best ways to balance a strong central image within a composition is to surround it with a frame that fades back but gives the viewer's eye an excuse to move around within it. With Befunky, that is exactly what you can do.



PicSay itunes.apple.com

PicSay is just as powerful a photo editor as the rest of those mentioned in this list, but it carries an added benefit. You can distort, add graphics, and change the color scheme of your photos beautifully; however, what really makes PicSay stand out is how you can add word bubbles to your images. If you've been dying to produce an image that really speaks to people, this is your chance to do just that in the most literal way possible without sound.


Dash of Color


Have you ever had an image that was either colored very badly or didn't have any color beyond gray scale? If the Ansel Adams effect isn't quite your style, you can add color to anywhere in the image you want and draw the eye to precisely where you want it using Dash of Color. Naturally, you can colorize old pictures this way. But in some cases a little bit of color goes a long way.

Did you adore the effect in The Wizard of Oz when the gray went to full color? Do you like the idea of having an image where the best of both is represented? Now you can have that in any old or old-looking image you want.


Collage Lite

Collage Lite Collage Lite is a great app because it occasionally does your design work for you. All you have to do is pick some images, literally shake your phone, and like a reverse Etch-a-Sketch Collage Lite will handle arranging them for you. Naturally, once you've gotten a great idea you can then take over and arrange your pics the way you want them. But you never know how many great ideas you will get at random.


Gallery Lock Lite

Gallery Lock Lite One of the worst problems in the art world is having your work taken from you. While nothing can prevent that from happening entirely, Gallery Lock Lite can do the best thing humanly possible. With Gallery Lock Lite, you can lock up your work with a password so that each individual image needs to be unlocked on its own. Even if a thief or aspiring creative competitor gets his grubby mitts on your phone, he will have to individually crack the passwords of every image you've created and stored on your phone before trying to pass off your work as his own. He'll have to work very hard to accomplish that mission.

There are many creative smartphone apps available on all types of platforms. The amount of choices is almost as broad as T-Mobile's coverage! Which ones are your favorites?

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Paper 53

Tnx soo much

Sketches is another great one

Flowpaper is great too

Pixlr express is also great - I used to have BeFunky, but pixlr express is more versatile - it's almost exactly like the online version (which is essentially photoshop online) :)

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