7 Amazing Apps That Are Great for a Musician ...


7 Amazing Apps That Are Great for a Musician ...
7 Amazing Apps That Are Great for a Musician ...

With all of the different apps for a musician, it’s hard to determine what apps are good and what apps might not be great! I’ve got all of the top apps for a musician that not only will keep your music on key, but can actually help make music with you! Now, keep in mind, some of these apps do cost money, but they are so worth the extra few bucks that they cost! I promise you that they are!

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On the Music Path

On the Music Path itunes.apple.com

Have you ever been to a music class? Are you completely self-taught? No matter what, everyone can use a little brush-up on their knowledge in music and this is one of the few apps for a musician that has real instruments, real musicians and all sorts of elegant technology behind it. It’s an app that is all about lessons and learning. Fantastic app for beginners!



Cleartune itunes.apple.com

There is nothing worse in the world than having instruments that are completely out of tune. This particular app will ensure that you never, ever have that problem! It is an app that does cost about $3.99, but it’s so worth it! It features a note wheel display, an ultra responsive, needle damping option and it’s accurate, that’s the most important aspect!



PocketGuitar itunes.apple.com

If you are a guitar player and you can't seem to get those strings out of your brain, this is the perfect app for you. This app actually turns your phone or iPad into a guitar! You can press and strum the strings, just like the real thing! I think that this incredible app is amazing for anyone trying to learn the guitar!



GigBaby itunes.apple.com

This is an awesome app that not only can record everything that you and your band play, but you can share set-lists and songs with others! It's an amazing app and a must-have for every musician out there! It's also got free Mac and PC transfers!



Ocarina itunes.apple.com

Okay, so all you nerds out there, this reminds me of Zelda, but it's also an awesome app! It's basically just like playing the real Ocarina with your phone! You blow right into the mic and put your fingers over the holes. It's about a dollar, but so worth the fun! And I promise you, the sound alone is worth it and once you start actually learning how to play this particular app, you won't want to put it down!



MOG itunes.apple.com

Another fantastic app for musicians (and this one is free!) that is so worth it is MOG. This app is packed with all kinds of music inside of it and you can really get inspired. It streams the music and has everything in the world that you could want! While I love Spotify, this is an awesome app too and one that you should definitely try!



GarageBand itunes.apple.com

Finally, the last amazing app for musicians that we're going to explore is GarageBand! This app is packed with musical instruments and you can actually record your voice and use the built-in mic to apply all kinds of fun sound effects!

While there are millions of apps out there, how can you be sure that you're getting the right ones for a musician? What other apps are out there for musicians? Share 'em!

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I would recommend the Pandora app to anyone as well. I've discovered so many new bands through my favorite Pandora stations!

I love all your posts about music. I'm trying to make a career out of my passions for singing/songwriting. So this is great thank you(:

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