7 Fantastic Apps to Start Your Day on the Right Note ...

Does your morning ritual include a perusal through a cache of apps to start your day? As you move through your morning preparations, your mind races through the necessary details of looking presentable. At the same time, you are also taking in other information to organize your mind and your day. If you usually take a minute to read an email or check Facebook then you have an idea of great apps to start your day. Below is a fabulous list of seven apps to start your day!

1. Flipboard – for a News Update (Free)

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If you like to check the news first thing in the morning, then Flipboard one of the best apps to start your day! I love this app because it allows me to funnel all my favorite news sites and topics into one app. Having Flipboard on my device is like having a portal into the news world. I get great articles from my favorite sites while also having access to social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Flipboard is free to download and is available for all your mobile devices.

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