9 Genius 💡 Ways to up ☝🏼 Your Snapchat Game 📱 ...


Addicted to snapchat?

Many are in the same club.

As with all applications and programs there are tricks, tips and hacks for users to get the most out of them.

It’s all just a case of knowing what to do.

If you want to up your Snapchat game, try these – some you may know, some not …

1. See Who Watched You

You can actually see who exactly has been looking at your Snapchat by tapping on your story and looking for the eyeball that has a number next to it.

If you tap on the eyeball, you will find that a drop down list appears full of all of the usernames of people that have seen your uploads!

2. Choose Which Stories to Open

If you have heaps of contacts on your Snap you probably won't feel like watching every single one them, right?

Well, now you can select which to open!

Simply click on the stories you want to open and you'll see a purple tick or checkmark next to them.

Now just press the play button at the bottom of the screen and it'll play those stories in the order you selected them in!

3. Want to Add Lines of Text to Your Story?

Adding multiples lines of text your snaps is actually much easier than you might think.

Previously you had to go to your notes app and transfer lots of blank lines across to do it, but thankfully this isn't the case anymore!

Just keep typing on the screen and it will automatically create new lines for you, meaning you can have a whole paragraph of text if you like!

4. You Can Change the Size of Your Emojis

One of the best Snapchat tricks to know is that you can actually adjust the size of any emoji that you want to include in your post.

When you have found the emoji that you want to use, add it in and click the 'T' button at the top.2

Then use your thumb and index finger to make the emoji bigger or smaller (drag outwards = bigger, drag inwards = smaller).

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