Apps That'll Make College a Total Breeze ...


Apps That'll Make College a Total Breeze ...
Apps That'll Make College a Total Breeze ...

Smartphones have become a way of life and if you load it with the right apps, an indispensable tool for students. There are so many brilliant apps that can make your life as a student easier. There’s probably an app for anything you might imagine, but here’s a few that you will find useful.

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This is a productivity app that allows students to create mind maps. Students can use the features to brainstorm their ideas, or to present to their fellows students. Some use it for collaboration, and others use it as a tool to create visual aids. You can plan with the tool and you can work in groups too. It is good for studying for your exams because mind maps are good revision aids and are handy when you need to quickly refresh your memory for a certain subject.



text, font, product, document, diagram, Do you get stressed when it comes to writing your bibliography? Let EasyBib take care of the referencing for you so you can concentrate on the essay content! Simply scan your reference book barcodes, choose your citation style and you're done.

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Shotover Jet, smartphone, mobile phone, font, product, If you like Pinterest or love to create visual notes, you'll flip over Flipboard. This app combines a pinterest-style board with education, providing a place where you can collate lots of different articles that you think will be helpful in your college studies and assignments.

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This is a popular app for students who want to stay healthy while at colleget. A little bit of freedom is a great thing, and most students express it by staying up late and sleeping during the day. Sadly, this routine has the side-effect of making students overweight or unfit, which is why MyFitnessPal is so popular. It allows students to keep track of the calories they are taking in and burning off. The nutritional database covers most of the foods that students eat.




Bookmark the articles and websites you want to return to and read. Bookmark most types of media. Make use of your time in a more efficient way by saving items of interest until later and only concentrating on your research in the moment. This app is becoming very popular with students because it allows them to return to pieces that interest them and removes the feeling that something is being missed because the student doesn’t have enough time.



text, font, product, web page, document, Who wouldn't appreciate a way to study on the go? Make revising easier or just brush up on your knowledge on your commute with Quizlet. The app enables you to create your own flashcards and also gives you access to flashcards created by other users of Quizlet. It's particularly great for languages with 18 to choose from.

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Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

With this app, you are not forced to flip through hundreds of pages of recipes. You can have the app spawn recommendations that the student may cook right away. The app gives you recipes and tells/shows you how to cook them to perfection. You do not need to rely on junk food, TV dinners or packet noodles when you have the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner.


Dropbox Cloud Storage

Dropbox Cloud Storage

If you need storage, then Dropbox is a viable option. There are a lot of Cloud storage apps and accounts you can both download and sign up for. Dropbox is popular with students because it comes with 2GB of free data storage, and subscriptions for more storage are free. Plus, it is very easy to use because all you have to do is pick up your file and drop it on the app box to have it uploaded to your cloud Storage.




Choose the type of math problem you are looking to solve, and this app will give you the tools to do it, be they spaces for formulas, or graphs and charts. You can confirm your answer with the app, or you can simply ask it for the answer and it will provide. It is rather buggy, but students like it because it has a simple format and interface.


Ever had a word pop into your head that sounds great in your essay sentence, but you are not 100% sure what it means. Such matters are a cynosure for many sesquipedalian students, but you have no need to excogitate over such matters any longer, as the app will help feed all of your circumlocution needs.
* cynosure - object of focus.
* sesquipedalian - people that use overly long words.
* excogitate - to consider carefully.
* circumlocution - the use of unnecessarily wordy and indirect language.

Which type of apps do you find most useful as a student. Are they lifestyle apps or study aids?

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