7 Must-Have Apps for Vegans ...


As more and more people make the switch to a vegan diet and lifestyle, there are more and more apps for vegans on the market. But which are truly helpful, and which are a waste of a download? I can help. I’ve scoured the iTunes Store and Google Play, and have tried dozens of apps for vegans and veges. And after tapping til I just can’t tap no more, I’ve compiled this list of the must-have apps for the non-carnivores among us.

1. VeganXpress


For iPhone: itunes.apple.com

If you’re a veggie girl on the go, then this is one of the apps for vegans you’ve just got to try, stat! Why do I recommend it, especially to my hustle-and-bustle vegan readers? Because it finally makes fast food accessible to us! Simply choose a local fast food or quick-dine restaurant, and you’ll see a list of their menu items that are vegan-friendly. There’s even a very long list of vegan foods at the grocery store, from candies to beer and everything in between; some might even surprise you! It’s well worth the $1.99 download fee.

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