7 Great Phone Apps if You Love Outdoor Pursuits ...

If you’re a camper, a hiker, a mountain climber, a cyclist or a horse rider, there are some really great phone apps for outdoor pursuits you may not know about. From survival guides to weather reports, phone apps for outdoor pursuits cover just about everything you might want to do in the countryside.

1. US Army Survival Guide

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It is not a full guide that allows you to live in the wilds of America’s rough terrain, but, it does give you some interesting facts that make you feel safer when navigating those tougher areas. Not to give the app too much credit, but the information on this app may save your life. People still die from getting lost in the woods, on mountains and especially in desert areas. These are often areas where phone signals cannot penetrate, and you may be left with just your survival instincts and your phone apps for outdoor pursuits.

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