7 Free Music Apps to Download Immediately ...


7 Free Music Apps to Download Immediately ...
7 Free Music Apps to Download Immediately ...

Everybody loves to delight their ears with amazing songs, so you should have no issue downloading these free music apps. Some of them will help you find new artists to listen to, and others will help you edit the songs in your phone’s library. You can never get enough music. If your phone is feeling empty, go download these free music apps:

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Pandora On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
If you haven’t used Pandora yet, you’re missing out on something great. All you have to do is type in your favorite artist. The app will generate a playlist for you based on your taste. This is one of the free music apps that will help you find great new (and old) tunes. You’ll hear songs you never knew existed, but will never forget again.



Shazam On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Don’t you hate when you hear a great song, but don’t know who sings it? With Shazam, you’ll never have that worry again. When a song you like starts to play, click on your Shazam app and it’ll tell you exactly what the song is, and will provide as much information about it as possible. If you’re a big enough fan, it’ll give you a link to buy the song. It’s a convenient way to learn about the songs you love.


Ringtone Designer

Ringtone Designer On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Everybody loves customized ringtones. It makes their phone feel more personalized, and gives them something good to listen to when they receive calls. This app allows you to select a song from your library and turn it into a ringtone. Just choose what snippet of lyrics you want, and you’re done. It’s pretty simple.



Songza On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Your music preference changes with your situation. You don’t want to hear the same songs at a party that you listen to when you’re trying to fall asleep. Different occasions call for different songs. This app allows you to input what kind of music you’re looking for, like 'driving’ or a 'sweaty dance party.’ It sounds silly, but it can set the tone in any situation.



Youtube This app needs no explanation. If you don’t know what YouTube is, you’ve probably never been near anything electronic. This app is helpful for when you like a song enough to want to play it twenty times, but not enough to commit to purchasing it. You know you’re going to use it, so why resist downloading it? It is free, after all.



TuneWiki On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Don’t you hate when you realize you’ve been singing the wrong lyrics to a song? Everybody messes up, but it can be beyond embarrassing when you’re singing at the top of your lungs. This app allows you to search lyrics for any song out there. If you’re worried about sounding silly at a party, consult this app beforehand. You can search for any song by using a few lyrics, or of course, giving the title.



IHeartRadio On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Even though you have an entire library of your own music, it can’t hurt to hear some more. Sometimes, you don’t want to listen to your own tunes. It’s nice to hear something fresh that you haven’t already listened to one hundred times. IHeartRadio allows you to listen to whatever radio stations you love. With a few simple clicks, you can hear whatever you’d like.

No matter what genre you’re into, we can all agree on the healing power of music. It helps us get through our toughest days, which is why we need it to survive. What’s your favorite music app?

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Thank you!

I just dot songza and I love it!

Great suggestions, thanks for sharing. Pandora is wonderful , and so is SoundCloud

Can't even fine it.. What the

And Spotify!

8tracks is amazing too

I like it !

8tracks is super cool yah

Thanks for this!

Itube too!

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