8 Free Apps for Home Decorating and Design ...


8 Free Apps for Home Decorating and Design ...
8 Free Apps for Home Decorating and Design ...

If you are looking to renovate or refresh, you might find inspiration and assistance in apps for home decorating. Any house project is going to be an investment in time and money, so if you can be prepared so as to maximize both, a beautiful end result that hasn’t broken the bank is going to be a big reward. Plus, if you can make home improvement fun (because not all of love decorating) why not? Here are some handy free apps for home decorating and design.

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SnapShop Showroom

SnapShop Showroom at itunes.apple.com

Apps for home decorating are especially useful if you can visualize ideas in your own home. This is made pretty easy with SnapShop Showroom. You can pick out furnishings you may want and insert it into a photo of your own room. The size and orientation isn’t perfect but it gives you a reasonably good idea of how it could look and you can do it with furniture, fixtures and fittings.



Houzz at itunes.apple.com

If you just want to browse for inspiration, Houzz is easily one of the best free home décor apps. Called the Wikipedia of home design by CNN, Houzz contains more than 1 million photographs of house interiors. This massive database of design ideas contains inspiration from interior designers, architects, contractors, house remodelers and photographers. With a kind of scrapbook function you can make your own design ideas come together and you can also find local contractors with the app.



Colorsnap at itunes.apple.com

Paint tester pots are great, but you could end up trying loads before you find that perfect color. Free apps for home decorating not only have the advantage over tester pots in that there is no cost involved, but you can also play around to your heart’s content with a mass of colors. Colorsnap is produced by the paint company Sherwin Williams. As well as having a database of existing colors, you can also take pictures of colors that inspire you and find a match. Other paint companies produce similar apps.


IHandy Level

IHandy Level at itunes.apple.com

One of the simplest concepts in apps for home décor, iHandy level has just the one function but it’s an important and useful one. Need to hang a picture straight? Need to make sure that shelf is level? Need to get those paint stripes perfect? For anything where precise leveling is a must, use iHandy Level.


Carpet and Floor Calculator

Carpet and Floor Calculator at itunes.apple.com

Another of the simple but very handy interior design apps, this one is exactly what you need when it comes to buying flooring. Take all the hassle out of working how much carpeting, laminate or tiling you need to purchase and how much it will cost.


Photo Measures Lite

Photo Measures Lite at itunes.apple.com

Going shopping for home fittings and furnishings can be a hassle if you have to carry measurements around with you. With Photo Measures, you not only carry a electronic reminder of all your rooms’ dimensions but you can also take pictures of your rooms with the measurements on so you have visual reminders too. No need to put off buying that sofa or picture because you’re not sure if it will fit the space or look right.


Room Planner

Room Planner at itunes.apple.com

This is a bit like playing house in 3D and why shouldn’t home décor apps be fun as well as useful. With Room Planner you can create 3D models and realistic floor places in just minutes. You can arrange furniture, visualize rooms and furnishings by choosing from hundred of objects, colors, materials and textures.


Paint My Wall

Paint My Wall at itunes.apple.com

This really is as simple as it sounds. Take a photograph of the wall you want to paint and using your finger, select from a huge color palette and paint the wall. And, you aren’t restricted to walls. You can change the color of any furniture and surface so you can see what it will look like before you make the decision to paint.

There’s such a multitude of apps for home decorating, so if you’re lacking inspiration or needing some practical help, there should be one for you. which of these apps have you used, and are there other ones you can recommend?

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