7 Android Apps for Those Who like Watching TV ...


7 Android Apps for Those Who like Watching TV ...

If you love to catch up with your favorite shows on the go, these Android apps for TV lovers will help you out. Whether you never seem to be able to watch your show at the scheduled time or you want access to libraries of TV shows and movies on your laundry list of must-sees, go mad for Android apps for TV lovers.

1 Verizon FIOS Mobile

Verizon FIOS Mobile For Android at:

This app allows you to watch TV on demand. It is a live streaming app, so you are going to need an Internet connection. This is one of the better-known Android apps for TV lovers. You are able to manage your DVT recordings and use their Flex View on demand too. The app is free to install but you will need an account with Verizon FIOS.


MAX GO For Android at:

This app is an extension of a website that allows you to watch original programming. It means that most of the production values on the TV shows are terrible, but if you wade through the bad stuff then you will occasionally find those little nuggets of gold that are worth watching. You can watch as many shows as you like without having to pay and you can set up a watch list that acts a little bit like an RSS feed for a blog.

3 Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV For Android at:

This app allows you to download movies and TV shows. They are mostly TV shows that are on DVD, which means many quizzes and reality TV shows are not on there, but it is a good kind of hit and miss. If you have been on the Google Play website then you have probably heard of this app, as it is one of the more popular Android apps for TV lovers on that site. You can create your own library of TV and movies, which you may download via your mobile Internet – and you keep them on your phone for as long as you like and for as far as your mobile device memory will allow.


DIRECTV For Android at:

This is an app that allows you to stream TV directly to your mobile device, hence the name “direct” TV. If you want access to the many TV shows and movies then you will have to pay for a subscription. You may watch movies from very popular networks and you may comment on what you have seen or what you enjoy via the app on social media.

5 Hubi

Hubi On Android at:

This is an app that allows you to stream TV shows and movies. You cannot download anything that you see, but the streaming comes from around forty channels, which means you do have a fair amount of choice when it comes to what to watch. It also allows you to check off the things you have watched and the things you have not so that you do not come across things you have seen too often. There are also options that allow you to remove the ads.

6 Can I Stream It?

Can I Stream It? For Android at:

This free app goes through a big database of libraries in order to find the TV shows and movies that you want. There was a time when finding free movies and TV shows with this app was easy, but it is more about paying these days. Still, there are plenty of TV shows and movies you can watch with this app if you are willing to pay. You can see movies and TV shows from libraries such as Redbox, Hulu, Netflix and iTunes.

7 Mobile TV

Mobile TV For Android at:

As the name suggests, it allows you to watch TV shows including a lot of the ones that you cannot find on DVD. There are even some that you will have trouble finding on sharing sites too. You are going to have to pay a subscription to use the service. It also has a very good sports library that allows you to watch college football, where a lot of other TV stations and mobile apps will not allow you to.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has experience with these android apps for TV lovers – how did it work for you? Any other recommendations?