7 Things That Your IPhone Can do That You Had No Idea about ...


There are so many unknown things your iPhone can do! These secrets can shift the way you use your phone. Even if you’re like me and have been a loyal iPhone user for almost eight years, there are still some things that you probably didn’t know existed. Here are some amazing things your iPhone can do:

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Undo Typos by Shaking

Typing on a tiny screen is hard, and lots of typos happen. This is why Apple created this amazing feature. If you give your iPhone a shake, it’ll bring up a few options for you to undo the typing or to cancel and continue. How convenient! Read on to see other crazy things your iPhone can do!


Control Your Phone with Your Head

This absolutely blew my mind when I first heard about it! You can control your iPhone with your head! It’s called Switch Control, which you can access through the Accessibility menu of Settings. It was created to assist people with certain disabilities. You can set it up so that tilting your head could help you check something on your phone.


Burst Photos

Are you frustrated that a lot of your pictures turn out blurry? With the burst feature, your phone can take a bunch of pictures at once. Then you can scroll through the gallery to find the perfect picture. Burst works by just holding down the picture button.


Location-based Reminders

This is one of my favorite iPhone tricks. I hate having to constantly create mental lists, so I put Reminders to good use. But did you know that your iPhone can remind you to do something at a specific location? That’s amazing! Just set up a reminder, tap the information icon, and you can activate the location feature. Your iPhone uses its GPS to remind you when you’re at that specific location. Think of this as your electronic personal assistant!


Block Annoying Callers

I don’t know how they always get my number, but telemarketers are my worst nightmare. Turns out, you can easily block these annoying callers. If you go into the Phone menu in your Settings app, you can add numbers to the Blocked list. That’s it! No more worrying about annoying callers! Peace at last.


Take Pictures with Volume Control

Sometimes it’s just hard to take a picture with the touch screen button. Instead, you can take pictures with the volume controls on your phone. And if you’re using headphone, no worries! The volume control buttons on your headphones can take pictures, too! Say goodbye to the selfie arm!


Airplane Mode

Have you ever needed your phone to just quickly charge? Well, if you put your phone on airplane mode while charging, it can charge up to twice as fast! Why? Because your phone won’t be wasting it’s battery trying to find a connection or a WiFi connection.

I love learning about new things that my iPhone can do! After all, it’s with me 24/7, so I might as well make the most of it! Do you have any tips and tricks to share? Are you going to give these ideas a shot? Bonus tip: if you play videos in Safari, you can still listen to it even when the screen is locked!

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There is a book in the iBookstore - a user guide plus like 154 things you didn't know. You can undo typing by shaking your phone.

I didnt steal mine fro Buzzfeed, Me im super smart lol

#4 and #7 just made my life so much easier 😊👍

Blocking certain callers is the best!

Great advices!

The only secret I didn't know about was shaking the phone to undo typing.

Helpful! I can't do some of these because I have an IPhone 4 but others are really cool.

Great advice! Just got a iPhone a few weeks ago 😊

Didn't even mention the main app... It's called p.tracker. So clean and professional.

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