7 Must Have Apps for Dog Owners ...

Having a pet is a big responsibility, but you can get some help and advice from apps for dog owners that mean you can give your pooch the best care and the best life. Apps for dog owners provide advice on every aspect of looking after your beloved four-legged friend, from diet to exercise to training and even doggie vacations. Check out these canine-loving apps.

1. Puppy Coach

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If training your puppy seems like a daunting task to you, there are apps for dog owners to make your life easier. Puppy Coach breaks down the training sets into nine topics that are quite easy to follow. Each topic has its own instructional videos that are short and manageable, and are led by a trainer. As you complete each topic, you can check it off and keep measuring your performance. You can even print a diploma at the end of the course for your puppy that’ll certainly deserve some special treatment if it has come so far!

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