7 Self Help Apps for All Kinds of Issues ...

There are self help apps for any issue, any personality trait you want to cultivate or correct or any habits you want to stop or develop. Having a resource on tap for you to dip into whenever convenient is a great way of moving forward with goals you have set yourself. Here’s just a very small selection of the huge volume of self help apps out there – maybe one is just the one you’re looking for.

1. The Habit Factor

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This app helps you to set up positive habits. The amazing work of Lance Dodes has helped to show the positive and negative habits we may develop. He shows how addiction is part of psychological displacement, which also leads to the conclusion that we may achieve our goals through habit alone. With this app you set up goals and deadlines and then monitor them as if you were growing a plant in a flower pot. You watch as your positive habits set themselves up to help you achieve your goals. This may be what you find to be one of the most powerful self help apps ever.

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