7 App Games for Killing Time ...

You have to be careful with app games for killing time – it’s too easy to become addicted. The games you started playing to kill time become games you want to play all the time. I think you’ll find that with some of the app games for killing time I’m going to tell you about!

1. Ant Raid

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The end of the world is a recurring theme in either film or video game. Sometimes it is a chain of climatic disasters causing the total destruction of cities, countryside and continents, sometimes it's a virus that gradually transforms the population into zombies while inevitably destroying all life on earth. It’s this second option that applies to a group of ants for whom the date of the Apocalypse has unfortunately been advanced. This is one of the most perfect app games for killing time. It has beautiful graphics and flawless execution, the various characters are charismatic and endearing and it is easy to keep track of the queen and her loyal subjects through the cut scenes presented in a funny cartoon style. The soundtrack perfectly complements the universe.

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