7 Useful Instagram Related Apps You Need to Get ...

By Vladlena

If you are getting tired of the same old instagram filters and need something new, take a look at these useful instagram related apps that you won’t regret downloading. Instagram is one of the most popular photo-loving apps that made headlines when it first came out. The ability to enhance and alter your pictures was fascinating but as time went by, instagram editing options were just not enough, and new photo editing apps began to grow exponentially. Here are 7 instagram related apps you can try out to make the most out of your instagram experience.

1 Afterlight

Afterlight itunes.apple.com

One of the most popular instagram related apps is Afterlight. It has it all: variety of filters, frame shapes, light bursts, lens flares and developing error effects that give your photos a retro film feel. Personally it’s my top editing app when it comes to posting pictures on instagram because I am always able to get the desired effects just from this single app. It’s the best 99 cents I have ever spent!

2 Squareready

Squareready itunes.apple.com

Nowadays the popular white border outline on instagram pictures is very popular among instagram users and even Hollywood stars. It allows you to avoid cutting your photos into the standard square shape on instagram and you can post them in the original size and shape. Squareready can help you achieve this look! It’s easy to use and it gets the job done!

3 Aviary

Aviary itunes.apple.com

If you find a picture that you really like but you notice that there is a huge pimple taking focus of the entire picture, don’t worry! Aviary has an option to cover up blemishes, get rid of redeye, add texts, whiten teeth and add memes. It’s a very user-friendly app and it’s free, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t give this app a try!

4 Split Lens 2 Pro

Split Lens 2 Pro itunes.apple.com

Split lens is a unique photo app that has features that other instagram related apps don’t have. With this app you are able to clone yourself in pictures and make it look believable! It’s quick and easy, and you are able to splice multiple photos to get the desired effects. It’s a fun app to play around with and it’s very inexpensive!

5 Over

Over itunes.apple.com

Over is a great app for giving tumblr-esque feel to your photos. You are able to add texts and doodle on your photos, while having the options for alignment, opacity, and color. It has a lot of features to make your photos look unique and stylish. So if you have $1.99 lying around in your bag, purchase this app.

6 PicLab

PicLab itunes.apple.com

If you prefer not to spend 2 dollars on a photo editing app like Over, PicLab is a great alternative to that! Just like in Over, you have the option to add texts to your photos and you are able to edit your pictures by adding light effects, shape borders, textures and patterns. It’s a great app for no cost.

7 InstaFollow

InstaFollow itunes.apple.com

If you are one of those people who love to keep track of your followers, check out InstaFollow. This app allows you to view all of the information about your followers. For example you are able to see your new followers, people who unfollowed you, people who are not following you back and people who you are not following back. It’s an interesting instagram app that can come in handy.

If you are a lover of the instagram app, you would probably enjoy most of these apps since they can enhance and improve your instagram experience. What are some of your top picks for instagram related apps? Share in the comments!

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