7 Essential and Useful Apps for Backpackers ...

If there’s a new essential to put in your rucksack for your travels it's your iPhone, and it should include some of the best apps for backpackers. Some backpacking enthusiasts will be horrified at even the thought you take your iPhone with you, believing backpacking is travel in its rawest form, but heck, if something is going to make it easier or faster, and you get more from your trip, then go for it. Here’s my pick of some of the best apps for backpackers:

1. Wikitravel

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This is one of the more useful apps for backpackers, as it has over 20,000 travel guides for places around the world. It means that you can literally walk in any direction and there is a chance you will be about to find out about wherever you end up. It stores the travel guides offline, which means that if you can get an Internet signal, then you may be able to find out more about smaller and less popular locations.

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