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Whether you own your own company or work as a freelancer, you know that there are certain apps that you can’t live without, and it’s these apps for self employed women that I’m so keen to share! Apps for organizing your work, your social life and even your accounts are at your fingertips to help make life easier, and I know there are some apps that I rely on on a daily basis. Here are my 9 must-have apps for self employed women.

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Freshbooks For iPhone: itunes.apple.com
For Android: play.google.com

This handy cloud accounting app makes the top of my list for two reasons. Firstly, because it makes managing your invoices and keeping on top of payments so easy, and secondly, because it’s really affordable too! I had looked at other accounting apps for self employed women and decided this one offered the best value for money – I can keep track of all my clients and outstanding payments and even run reports to see my profit and loss! This is my number one must-have app.



Evernote For iPhone: itunes.apple.com
For Android: play.google.com

I only recently discovered this app for iPhone, but was a huge fan of using it at work on my PC. The app is even better! You can store to-do lists, notes and reminders for events and just generally stay organized. It’s also a handy app for noting down things from your day – payment authorization codes, receipt numbers, last-minute work orders, that cute guy’s phone number…


XE Currency

XE Currency For iPhone: itunes.apple.com
For Android: play.google.com

I use this app on a daily basis as I work for several clients in the US and other countries, so it helps me to keep on track of what my hourly rate is! It’s also handy for keeping an eye on the exchange rate before accepting assignments and you’ll find it’s a must-have app if you’re travelling for business or working with clients abroad. It’s even great for using on holiday!



Kindle For iPhone: itunes.apple.com
For Android: play.google.com

I always said I would never be a Kindle convert, and I still maintain that ‘real’ books are best! But there’s something so handy about having an e-book ready to read on your phone. I’m always turning to my Kindle app on my tablet or smartphone when I’m waiting for meetings, stuck on the train without a book or taking the bus to my boyfriend’s house. It’s not as good as reading on an actual Kindle, but for crowded train carriages it works a treat!


Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner For iPhone: itunes.apple.com
For Android: play.google.com

I don’t know where I’d be without my scanner app! Gone are the days when you needed to rush out and buy a scanner so you could print, scan and email signed copies of documents. Now I just print it off, sign it and use my phone Cam Scanner app to send it directly back to the recipient. With the addition of apps that now allow you to e-sign documents, sometimes I don’t even need to print! This app saves you time and money and is a definite must-have if you’re self employed.


Hello Sign

Hello Sign For iPhone: itunes.apple.com
For Android: itunes.apple.com

I’m not sure how I survived before this app came along – it’s so useful for those times when you need to sign a contract or brief and don’t have time to print it off (or don’t have a printer nearby). It lets you electronically sign and fill out forms, contracts and other documents before saving and emailing back to the recipient. It doesn’t give quite as perfect a result as printing, signing and scanning a document, but it’s pretty good, and it’s free!



Meetup For iPhone: itunes.apple.com
For Android: play.google.com

I’m so busy with work that sometimes my social life goes right out the window, and that’s where the Meetup app comes in! You can search for Meetup groups in your local area – there are loads to choose from in big cities, no matter what you’re into. Groups are formed around interests, from horror movies and fashion to art lovers and supper clubs, so you’re sure to find something cool! You can RSVP to meetups on the app and add them directly to your phone calendar, so there’s no excuse for forgetting to show up. This is a great app for those looking to network at business meetups or meet new people and widen their social circle, and I couldn’t be without it!


Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office For iPhone: itunes.apple.com
For Android: play.google.com

Although I mostly use this on my Android tablet, you can use it on your smartphone too, and it’s a great (and free) app for creating and editing word documents on the go. You can also use it to view or create PDFs, pie charts, spreadsheets and most other things you can do with MS Office. If you’re often working from a coffee shop or on the train, this is a must-have app as it will make the most of your time. With Dropbox and Google Drive compatibility, you can access your Cloud storage to save your work!



Facebook For iPhone: itunes.apple.com
For Android: itunes.apple.com

This last choice isn’t really work related, but I couldn’t be without my Facebook app as it gives me an excuse to take a quick break from work – just enough time to make a cup of tea and check what everyone I know is up to! If you’re working from home, make sure you turn your notifications off or you might never get anything done! It’s great for keeping in touch with friends, family and even co-workers if you’re working independently, and helps you feel connected to the world even when you’re holed up in your home office.

Everyone will have their own ideas for must-have apps, particularly if you’ve been self employed for some time! From accounting apps to news and shopping apps, there are plenty of free and paid apps out there designed to make your life easier. Share with me some of your favorite apps for work and business?

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Meet Up and Facebook are just time wasting apps and not good for self employed persons. Being a self employed, I highly recommend (Producteev), (Data Alert), (VoIP Wise), (Bill Keeper) etc....


Omg, Why did i post that face? Anyways I think Facebook is a waste of time...

Springpad is an app that I personally find better than Evernote. It's super simple to customize and it's free so you don't have to go premium for more storage space.

Date Alert

Facebook is crap. It kills relationships to me. A waste.

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