7 Best Apps for Grocery Shopping That'll Make Life Easier...


There's not much your smart phone can't do but what it can is help you with your grocery shopping! How, you ask? Well, with these amazing apps shared by guest contributor Teddy. Thanks Teddy!

Grocery shopping is a chore: we have to face that fact every week when the fridge gets low. Luckily, we live in an age of smart phones, 24/7 internet, and clever programmers who know exactly how to make your life easier. You will never lose your grocery list again, if you use any one of these apps.

1. Out of Milk

If you want simplicity, then Out of Milk offers it. Just tap on the group you want and start adding items to your list. By syncing your lists across phones and computers, you can make sure no one buys the same product twice. This app is available free on both iPhone and Android, but there is also a "pro" account that costs $1.99 and comes with some added features.

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