Apps πŸ“± That Will Improve ✴️ Your Well-Being 😊 ...


There are tons of fitness apps, but there are also those that help you keep an eye on your health where the focus is not exercise and working out.

From what you eat to how you sleep, these apps will help you improve your well-being:

1. BagIQ


This is an app that allows you to track the food you buy so it may be ranked on how healthy it is.

You can see how much of your money is going on healthy food and how much is going on unhealthy and junk food.

You do not have to do all of the data entry manually;

you can do some of it by scanning the wrappers and barcodes of the food you buy and by taking a snapshot of your receipt.

2. 1 Gallon a Day

1 Gallon a Day

The amount of water you are supposed to drink every day is currently under great debate, as we draw far more from food than previously thought, plus we actually generate water, which means some of our urine is not related directly to the amount we drink.2

However, it is fair to say that a lack of adequate hydration causes problems ranging from poor energy levels to wrinkles, therefore this app is handy to have around to track how much water you take in.

3. Five Ways to Wellbeing

Five Ways to Wellbeing

This app gives you five categories that you are supposed to work on.

They include things such as being active, connecting with other people and such.

The idea is that you use the app to ensure you are getting enough of each activity.2

It even gives you suggestions on what you may wish to do to improve your wellbeing.

4. Healthy out

Healthy out

Instead of browsing through websites that offer takeout food, you can browse through websites and businesses that offer healthy food.

It is a little like the takeaway apps but only for healthy food.

You can pick between food you want delivered, food you intend to pick up, and places where you may dine out and eat a healthy meal.

There are also filters for dietary requirements.

Sleep Cycle
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