7 Simply Must Have Apps for Snow Sport Freaks ...


Winter sports season is creeping up on us fast and if you are preparing for a vacation, do you have downloading apps for snow sport freaks on your to do list? Whatever your favorite winter sport, there are plenty of snow sports apps that can help make a great vacation even more special. Apps for snow sports freaks can help you improve technique, reveal the best places to go and improve the already brilliant aprรจs ski scene. Check out this small selection of the many apps for snow sport freaks as a taster as to whatโ€™s out there.



On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

This is one of those โ€œrealโ€ apps for snow sport freaks because it combines reality with computer animation. You hold up the app on a skiing run/mountain, and it shows you places to start, routes to take and other such information. The details are placed over the images on your screen. It is one of a number of apps for winter sports that is free to download but costs money via upgrades or uses. For example, if you want a map of a location or a map of the ski route, then you will have to pay.

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