7 Awesome New Beauty and Fashion Apps Every Girl Should Have ...

Nowadays, there are beauty and fashion apps that are designed to tend to your every need. We all know that apps are designed to make our lives a tad bit easier and these apps are no exception. You can do just about everything and discover tons of cool new tips and tricks along the way! Check out some of the new beauty and fashion apps that every girl should have downloaded on their phones:

1. Cloth

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On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Price: Free
Have you ever wanted to keep a photo diary of all your awesome outfits? Well, with this app, you can. It's a simple way to save, organize, and share all your favorite looks! The app even offers built-in photo editing and filters so you can make sure you're putting your best foot forward. Honestly, I'm obsessed with this app. It's just one of many beauty and fashion apps you NEED to have!

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