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There are so many awesome apps for free ringtones! On these, you can customize your own tones in just a matter of minutes! I'm definitely a fan of having custom tones for all my contacts, text alerts, etc. I think it's such a fun touch to have on your phone! Check out some of the cool apps for free ringtones, and let me know which ones your favorites are!

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Ringtone Designer

Ringtone Designer On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

Ringtone Designer is one of the best apps for free ringtones! The app allows you to create unlimited custom ringtones, alerts, and text tones, all while using songs in your phone's music library! On the app, you can adjust the length of your ringtone - it's as simple as that! The app allows you to create all of this but you need to sync your phone with iTunes to get the ringtones into the settings section of your phone! Don't worry, it's quick and easy - the app even has an instructional video!


Zedge Ringtones

Zedge Ringtones On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

Zedge ringtones are awesome! You can't create custom tones, but it does offer a huge collection of free ringtones and wallpapers! They offer ringtones the easy way - through ToneSync, which downloads the ringtones straight to your iTunes library! Their backgrounds are made to fit the home and lock screen, so it'll always look great!


Ringtone Dj

Ringtone Dj On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

Ringtone DJ is an awesome app for ringtones! On the app, you can create custom tones from songs in your music library, or select one from the app's collection. The app allows you to make UNLIMITED ringtones and alert tones from any song in your music library. You can even make it unique by applying the professional DJ sound effects! All you need to do is choose your song, set the start time and duration, and then save!


Ringtone Converter

Ringtone Converter On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

Ringtone Converter takes any song in your music library and creates 30 second ringtones! You can make dozens of custom ringtones for all of your contacts! The app is really simple to use, and it's fast and free!


Mxyer Ringtones and Radio

Mxyer Ringtones and Radio On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

This app is awesome because it's two great apps in one! You can get customized or downloaded ringtones on the app, which features an all-new free radio service! You can customize your radio station by choosing your favorite artist and songs!


Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

This app is great for making custom ringtones! All you need to do is pick the song you want, set it to where you want it to start, and save it! You can even change the song speed and pitch to your liking. The app even offers you a tutorial on how to set up your ringtone!


Zentertain Ringtone Maker

Zentertain Ringtone Maker On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

This app uses the songs from your music library to create ringtones! You can customize text tone, tweet tone, alert tone, etc. The awesome thing about this app is that you can create unlimited ringtones! It's free so it's definitely worth a download!

Well, there you have it! Who knew there were so many fantastic apps for getting free ringtones? These are just seven you should check out! What's your go-to app for downloading or customizing new and free ringtones?

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