Try before You Buy with These Best Makeover Apps ...


There are few things in this world more tragic than the regret of a haircut, hair color, or pricey new lippie that just isn't right for you.

I mean, sure, there are worse things, but it takes a long time for bangs to grow out, or for too-brassy highlights to tone down.

Avoid the misery (and a month of hats) by trying a new style with a makeover app...

or, just have fun with one of these apps!

Tempted to try matching blue eye shadow and turquoise highlights?

Try it in-app first...

or find a fedora you love, just in case.

1. Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

On iTunes at

Wondering which hue is right for you?

Or whether a particular style will work with your skin tone?

This free app includes all kinds of Mary Kay makeup, from foundation to lipstick and everything in between.

2. Virtual Makeover

Virtual Makeover

On iTunes at

This app takes a while to load sometimes, but if you can be patient, it's a lot of fun!

You can upload a photo and apply makeup in all kinds of colors and styles.

For added fun, upload a photo of your boyfriend and see how he'd look with a smokey eye.

3. ModiFace


On iTunes at:

Oh my gosh, this app is so much fun!

It's half photo editor, half makeover app, 100% awesome.

If only I could use the "swipe away blemishes" feature in real life...

4. Perfect365


On iTunes at

There's no one on earth who will look perfect in real life 365 days a year, but you can on this app!

It's fun to try on different makeup looks, and it's so easy to use!

5. Makeup Genius

Makeup Genius

On iTunes at

Produced by the real-life makeup geniuses at L'Oreal Paris, this app lets you try on their shades of lipstick, blush, and shadow before you buy.

I love the video feature!

Barbie Digital Makeover
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