The Hottest Love ❀️ Apps You Need in Your Phone πŸ“± ...


Apps can help out in all areas of your love life.

Need help finding a date?

Want to stay in touch?

Want a special place to share things that have meaning to your both?

Want to spice up bedroom activity?

There’s an app for that, and more … many more.

1. Tinder

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When it comes to finding love on a smartphone, Tinder is still very much king of the castle!2

The picture swiping app is more popular right now that it has ever been, with people starting to move away from a casual hook up type of thing into looking for a much longer lasting, meaningful connection.

Basically, if you are single and you don’t have Tinder, then get straight to it!

2. Avocado

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If you have already bagged a partner and don’t need to do the Tinder swiping, then why not download Avocado, a private messaging app that lets you share personal and intimate chats with your loved one.

It’s filled with lots of fun customisable elements that makes your conversations much more exciting than just texting or Whatsapp.

3. LoveByte

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LoveByte is a cool relationship app that you can use to organise everything to do with you and your loved one all in one easy place.

When this app is set up, you will never do things like miss an anniversary or forget to send a goodnight text when you are apart, it will always be there to remind of you of the big and little things!

4. Kouply

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Kouply is a really fun app that encourages couples to be more connected to one another through small things like interactive games, personalised activity suggestions and a completely private timeline where you can share and store memories of your relationship.

5. Kindu

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Kindu is an app that helps you to rediscover the joys of intimacy with your partner if you are going through a bit of a rough patch.2

With lots of fun suggestions for partner activities and a safe messaging space where you can share you deepest desires, it’s bound to be exciting!

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