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Closet management apps are sooo useful. Many women wrestle with the issue of what to wear. Most of us have so many clothes we often forget what’s hanging in the closet and lying in drawers. Others are just bewildered by how to put a successful outfit together. These closet management apps help you organize your closet, make great buying choices and dress better for work or play:

1. Stylish Girl

Stylish Girl

This very highly rate app is one of the best closet management apps available currently.

If you want an app that gives you shopping and planning revolving around the clothes in your closet and the clothes you want, Stylish Girl is it.

The fun and easy interface helps you to catalog your current wardrobe and create wish lists.

You can shop online matching to your existing lists after being inspired by the latest looks.

You can even share outfits and ideas with your friends using the main social networks.

Cost: Free

2. Stylebook


Described as a β€œcloset assistant for life”, what I like most about this app is the calendar with which you can see what you wear most after logging in your outfits for each day.

I think you’ll also love the outfit layout function which is basically an outfit builder that uses the images of your clothes that you upload.

With over 80 closet management features, you’ll never again say β€œI have nothing to wear”.

Cost: $3.99

3. Stylechat


If you’re happy with the actual storage of your wardrobe, but need help in selecting and creating outfits, Stylechat is like having your very own personal stylist and shopper.

The app is essentially a personal style browser tool that makes your online shopping visual, personalized and β€œstore-like”.

As well as browsing for clothes and accessories online, you can create collections, try clothes on digitally and style new looks.

You are also able to follow brands, designers and fashion influencers to stay on trend.

Cost: Free

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