7 Fab Apps for a College Student ...


Now that college is officially in session, do you know what apps for a college student are out there?

Finding the right app that will help you keep organized in college, that will allow you to keep in touch – especially if you are schooling abroad and will let you rent your text books can be hard.

Well, I've got all of the best apps for a college student that are must-have and that you won't be able to live without!

1. Venmo


One of the biggest and best apps for a college student is all about paying back debts – this app makes it super easy for you to pay back your BFF for that dinner the other night or you can even share payments for rent, utilities or even just a night out on the town!

It's super easy to split the bill and you can do anything else at all on this app.

I love it!

This is a must-have app for any college student that is constantly changing up how they pay and who pays.

2. Viber


Another super popular app, especially if you are traveling abroad and are looking to save on your phone bill.2

This app allows you to connect anywhere, all over the world for free.2

It's available on most smartphones, especially the iPhone and it's ideal for students who are a little homesick!

3. Google Drive

Google Drive

If you are a student in this day and age and you are constantly using Google docs to store all of your stuff, you need this app.

You can upload any documents, any photos and even videos here.

You get up to about 15GB of storage and it's absolutely free – which is incredible!

4. Chegg


I wish I would have had this when I was in college!

This is actually one app that allows you to rent your text books right from their library, which is packed with about 2,500 titles.

You do have to pay about $14.99 a month for this app, but it's so worth it and you'll save so, so much money!

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