4 Great 👏 Apps 📱 to Help You 🙏 Achieve 👍 Your Goals 🏆 ...


Do you want some apps to help you achieve your goals?

Between work, the gym, girl time, and everything else, women have it hard enough. But that phone you have in your hand constantly can make everything easier. Here are some apps to help you achieve your goals.

1. Clue: for That Time of the Month

Periods are had enough to deal with as it is. An app to track your monthly periods sounds a little weird at first but it’s so easy that you’ll want to keep using it. Apps such as Clue are a stellar way to get an idea of how your monthly cycle plays out each time and even predicts the next 3 cycles. You can keep track of menstrual symptoms like cramps, check on your last cycle, and even share the calendar with your BFF’s if you really want to. This is one of my favorite apps to help you achieve your goals.

SplitWise: for Keeping Track of Shared Tabs and Bills
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