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When you’re part of a couple, you want to feel connected – even when you can’t be together.

And that connection isn’t just about being able to communicate with each other but also about the emotional connection.

There are tons of apps that help you deal with all aspects of your relationship that can make your bond stronger.

1. Between

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One of the best apps for couples is definitely Between.

Sometimes the rigidity of simple text messaging or Whatsapp can be boring.

Between solves this problem by allowing you and your loved one create a messaging space where you can compile photos, collages, online stickers and much more all dedicated to the love you share for one another.

It’s almost like an online memory box.

Download at:

2. Couple

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Couple is another app that allows you and your loved one to share much more together than normal text messaging.

The app lets you share secret photos with one another, message in complete privacy and there are also cool features like being able to add to a shared calendar so you can see each other’s schedule.

Download at:

3. Fun and Play

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Developed by the prestigious Gottman Institute, this app is dedicated to bringing you and your partner closer together by containing upwards of 80 unique and wonderful date ideas that are filled with fun and playfulness.

A great app for putting some spark back in your relationship if your ideas have gone a bit stale.

Download at:

4. Truth or Dare for Couples

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This free version of the Truth or Dare for Couples app contains over 120 saucy suggestions that you and your partner can play to connect in more ways than just emotionally!

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t like the truth or dare that you used to play at sleepovers with your friends;

this is a whole other level that is specifically designed for loved up couples!

Download at:

Ask Me Anything for Couples
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