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7 Running Apps That Every Running Enthusiast Needs ...

By Tara

Need an extra boost of motivation from some running apps? Running apps can be just what you need to add an interactive and competitive element to your training. If you're finding it difficult to schedule a time to meet with your running friends, let one of these apps take the place of your training partner. These running apps are great to boost your motivation and the added bonus is that they're free. Here is the list of running apps that every running enthusiast needs...

1 Strava

StravaOn iTunes at:

Share photos to interact with your friends via Strava, one of the great running apps. Strava is a great motivator for every runner and an app you should definitely try. Strava will give you the extra motivation you need by staying connected with all your running friends, and you can even make new friends from distant places!

2 Runtastic

RuntasticOn iTunes at:

Runtastic is a live running app that tracks your running distance and pace. You can also see the times of other runners with this app, which adds a nice competitive element to your training.

3 Runkeeper

RunkeeperOn iTunes at:

Runkeeper is one of the best running apps. Like many others it tracks your distance and pace but it can also let you know when you are running off your goal pace. When you complete your run, with one easy swipe, you can send your results to Facebook. And if you're a new runner looking to run your first half marathon, there are even programs that you can register for that send you training schedules. For this reason, Runkeeper is one of the running apps that every runner should use at least once; I use this almost every day!

4 Myfitnesspal

MyfitnesspalOn iTunes at:

As you train for a race, miles are not the only important thing to track; healthy nutrition is critical for your performance and weight loss, too. Myfitnesspal is a great general fitness app for runners because you can track your nutrition and ensure you are refueling properly after your runs, and also log your running miles. It makes a good companion to other more specific running apps on this list. .

5 Endomondo

EndomondoOn iTunes at:

Endomondo is a great running app to customize your training goals, and it has live tracking for you and your friends. I use this one to stay in touch with running friends in other states ... it's so much fun!

6 Smartrunner

SmartrunnerOn iTunes at:

Smartrunner is a great app for tracking your runs. Upon the completion of your run, you can send your results to the built-in forum and compare to the other runners in your network. It's not the most complicated of apps but it sets out to do what it claims, and can help you train for your races or running goals.

7 Mapmyrun

MapmyrunOn iTunes at:

With Mapmyrun, you can turn your running device into a training partner to help push you to your running goals. There are various programs also available to help you train for long distance races. And this tracking app is great because you can save all your goals and set up reminders for your next training distance. You can even set up email reminders. Mapmyrun is a great running app that I think every runner should use!

Hope you enjoyed this list of running apps and that you will try them, if you have not already. What is your favorite running app, and why?

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