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Want some free food-themed games for Android? These 10 free food games could be the solution to both short and long-term boredom. If you've finished lunch a little early, or are stuck waiting to be called back for an appointment or want something to do on your droll morning commute, the Play Store is chock full of fun games and puzzles. Here are some of the best free food-themed games for Android.

1. Cooking Emoji-Food Tycoon by Diced Pixel LLC

The Emoji King demands sustenance! Sustain the Emoji King with 60 different foods that you produce in your own food factory. Your tower grows higher and higher as you power through, supporting the King and his voracious appetite with upgrades to your factory. The game lacks popup ads (a HUGE plus) and you can progress in the game offline - your tower can still earn money even when not hooked up to the web. It's definitely one of my favorite free food-themed games for Android.


Popcorn Evolution Food Clicker from Evolution Games GmBH
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