7 Fashion Apps to Download Right Now ...

The integration of fashion and technology is becoming increasingly common and these days, there are plenty of fashion apps to help you get your fashion fix. Fashion apps can range from being social and interactive to informative. Whether you’re after help organizing your closet, looking to shop the latest trends, or after breaking fashion news, you’ll be sure to find an app for that. These are just a few fashion apps worth downloading right now.

1. EmotiKarl

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For iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
For Android at: play.google.com
One of the most recent fashion apps to send the industry into a spin has been emotiKarl. If you’re familiar with design Karl Lagerfeld, you’ll realise that his looks and personality are quite iconic. This app basically channels his character into a bunch of very on point emoticons. Now you can inject a little bit of Karl flair into your text speak.

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