7 New Photography Apps That Will Make You Feel like a Pro ...


There are so many awesome new photography apps that are worth downloading! If you've always got your phone out to capture everything around you, these apps will eventually come in handy. Wow all of your friends with your sweet photos using these new photography apps!

1. Vsco Cam

Vsco Cam

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Price: Free

VSCO Cam is the best way to shoot, edit, and share all of your photographs. You can find and follow other creative artists around the world and post/share your photos with them! What's AWESOME about this app? The number of followers, comments, and like are totally absent from the platform. That's because beautiful imagery trumps your "social rank." You can publish all your original content to your Journal to inspire others, while exploring others to find your own inspiration. This is just one of many new photography apps that'll have you feeling like a pro.

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