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Fed up of an Instagram feed full of fashion bloggers, celebrities and interior design? It can feel ultra tiresome looking at perfect outfit after perfect outfit, those perfect poses and that perfect house…and that’s not to mention those energizing green smoothies or people posting workout pics! Make sure your Instagram is uplifting and fun by following these adorable puppy accounts, too. Some of them even dress up themselves ;)

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Toto Cutie Toto is an ultra-photogenic dog from Japan, who loves sharing photos of his daily life. He’s got 2,131 followers so far, and his photos are sure to make you smile! Just look at those big round eyes… He celebrated his fifth birthday last year, complete with plenty of posing in party hats, but he still looks like a pup. Check him out @toto1127.



Corgnelius You get two for one on this adorable Instagram account, because the hilarious Corgnelius has recently got himself a little brother, called Stumphrey. The pair are always getting up to hilarious antics – they’ve even got matching outfits. The superhero ones are my favourites! Follow their super-chic Californian lifestyle @Corgnelius.



Theo Just look at those ears… Theo is an adorable French Bulldog who lives in Vancouver, Canada. He’s a big football fan (he supports the Vancouver Canucks, FYI) and he’s one of the most photographable little dogs ever. It’s no wonder that he’s clocked up over 3,000 fans in such a short time! Find him @Lil_Theezy.



Dagger Dagger can go down as one of the first pets on Instagram. Yes, really. The adorable little dog comes from San Francisco, and he’s somewhat of a celebrity there. Infact, his mum is one of the employees who first started Instagram – and snaps of him were definitely included! Join his 5,500 followers by searching him out @Dagger.



Pootle Fancy some English humour? Pootle is an adorable and kind-of crazy looking Pug who lives in Hertfordshire, England. Although he’s definitely the star of the show, posing up a treat whenever he sees a camera, his 6,000 followers are sometimes treated to snaps of his canine family, too – Biffy, Bubba and Pippy. So cute. Find him @Pootle.



Winston Winston might look miserable, but he’s certainly not! This gorgeous bulldog lives in California, and shares his photos just like a celeb. Just look at that pose! His unique take on life has earnt him 6,500 Instagram fans, and he rewards them with a daily photo. Definitely check it out @Winston.



Wanderlust Oh my gosh, look at that face! Wanderlust is having a tough time at the moment – he’s just welcomed a new human baby brother, and he’s still adjusting to life with a sibling. Follow his story, and see exactly how he’s coping, by joining his 11,000 followers @wanderlustpug. Aw


Sir Charles Barkley

Sir Charles Barkley It’s no wonder that @BarkleySirCharles has nearly 17,000 followers…this is a dog that knows how to have fun! He’s most in his element playing in a swing, as you can see, but his Instagram account tracks his hilarious escapades across Seattle, where he lives. He’s just SO CUTE.

These Instagram dogs will have you smiling again in no time – they make Instagram the perfect place to look when you need a pick-me-up, without piling on the pressure to hit the gym or find that perfect outfit. Do you follow any amazing Instagram dogs? Share their ID here, I’d love to check them out!

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Cant believe boo's not here :/

You forgot the @husky_quartet

@Supersamson14 is an adorable bulldog bringing awareness to the importance of adoption! Everyone should check him out! He's adorable!!! ❤️🐶

Check out Jiffpom too!

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