8 Amazing Puppy Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow ...

Fed up of an Instagram feed full of fashion bloggers, celebrities and interior design? It can feel ultra tiresome looking at perfect outfit after perfect outfit, those perfect poses and that perfect house…and that’s not to mention those energizing green smoothies or people posting workout pics! Make sure your Instagram is uplifting and fun by following these adorable puppy accounts, too. Some of them even dress up themselves ;)

1. Toto

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Cutie Toto is an ultra-photogenic dog from Japan, who loves sharing photos of his daily life. He’s got 2,131 followers so far, and his photos are sure to make you smile! Just look at those big round eyes… He celebrated his fifth birthday last year, complete with plenty of posing in party hats, but he still looks like a pup. Check him out @toto1127.

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