Plan Your Next Meal the Healthy Way with One of These Apps ...

If you're dieting, there are so many apps for meal planning! I just recently got into meal planning/prepping and I have to say, it's saved me SO much time. It takes all the guess-work out of diets! Check out some of the awesome apps for meal planning and let me know which ones you love.

1. Mealboard

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Price: $3.99
The MealBoard app makes your meal and grocery planning SO much easier. It stores your recipes, creates weekly meal plans, generates your grocery list, and keeps track of what you have in your pantry! It's fully customizable so you can manage your recipes, ingredients, food categories, meal types, stores, and so much more. The app lets you create meal plans organized by day and meal type - giving you a shopping list with grocery prices, and total price for budget-conscious users! Honestly, this is one of the best apps for meal planning.

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