11 Genius Camera Phone Hacks ...


11 Genius Camera Phone Hacks ...
11 Genius Camera Phone Hacks ...

You may think that you’ve figured out your phone, but there are so many camera phone hacks that a lot of people don’t know about! A lot of us just use our phone cameras to take selfies and pictures of other people. Now, you can use it to make your life so much easier! Here are some of the coolest camera phone hacks that I learned.

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This is one of my favorite camera phone hacks! When traveling, remember to set your background as your personal info, just in case you lose your phone. I always use this trick when traveling! It’s useful during the school year, too. Whenever a new semester starts, I can never remember my class schedule, so I set it as my wallpaper. It helps so much!



Another thing to keep in mind while traveling is to take a picture of a landmark near or next to your hotel. You can use it to find your way back. Plus, locals tend to be more familiar with landmarks than hotel locations.


Take Pictures of Your Fridge

Next time, take a picture of your fridge and pantry before you go shopping for groceries. That way, you’ll remember what you need! And keep track of what you already have too much of.


Crowded Parking Lot

Take a picture of your section when parking in a crowded parking lot! My dad taught me this trick when I first started driving. In Boston, garages are always packed, and it’s only a matter of time before you’ll forget where you parked!


Catalog Items You Lend to Friends

Yes, this sounds mean, but it helps me keep track of what my friends borrow! I take a picture of them with my item, and I delete it when they return it. It really helps me keep track of who has what!


Take a Picture of Things You Normally Lose

I take picture of things that I lose quickly, like my dry cleaning number, prescription numbers, and valet tickets. And I know it seems so useless to take pictures of little things like this, but don’t forget that deleting the pictures afterwards is easy and painless!


Lost Your Glasses?

If you’re nearsighted like me, losing your glasses is the worst thing. Use your camera! It can help you see more clearly (because of the focus!).


Take Screenshots!

Screenshot directions if you’re traveling by subway. This allows you to check even when there’s no service! Also do this if the connection is patchy: your phone’s battery drains quicker (as if it didn’t already!) when it’s constantly looking for a signal.


Moving Assistant

When moving, take a picture of what’s in each box. This helps tremendously when you unpack later. When my friend moved to the Midwest, this tip saved him so much time! Sometimes, just labeling the boxes don’t help.



Take selfies of your haircut to show your hairdresser. Make sure you get it from all sides and as many angles as possible! This is definitely helps minimize any mistakes and confusions.


Lost Kids?

If you’re taking your family to a crowded place, like Disneyland, take picture of your kids that morning. If they get lost or separated, you’ll be able to report what they were wearing more accurately, if not exactly. You can show authorities what they look like!

These are some of my favorite camera phone hacks. It’s amazing how much that little camera in our phones can do! Do you have any clever camera tricks?

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Awesome advice!!!

I think the wallpaper idea is good in theory but I'm not sure I'd want a random stranger who finds my phone to have personal information such as where to send my phone if it's found or what my schedule is. Granted there are still a few honest decent people out there but it's the crazy ones that I don't want having my info.

I also read once before to screen shot directions when you are traveling like off mapquest instead of trying to follow, it saves your battery and is easier to follow as opposed to having to keep checking your phone constantly. Worked wonders for me when driving home from Florida to Delaware completely alone!!

شككرا معلومات مفيدة Thank you thank you. It's so helpful

A few good idea

I feel like i heard this from Buzzfeed. But, your keypoints is more detailed and prose.

This is great!! The first list of phone hacks that I actually never thought about! Thank you

these arnt phone hacks , it's how to for dummies .

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