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7 Absolutely Adorable Instagram Accounts to Check out ...

By Teresa

I, like most people, like to spend a somewhat substantial amount of time gawking at adorable Instagram accounts. With accounts like the ones on this list, can you blame me? It’s like transporting to a world of pretty clothes, delicious food, and amazing décor, in the form of adorable Instagram accounts. If you like to spend a little bit of time drooling over adorable Instagram accounts, you must start following these ladies immediately.

1 Lauren Conrad

Follow her: @laurenconrad
Lauren Conrad is the queen of everything girly and chic, making her first on this list of adorable Instagram accounts. She posts the most gorgeous pictures, whether she’s on the beach or in the office. Her eye for all things chic plus a few tinted filters make Lauren Conrad’s Instagram heaven for every girly girl.

2 Shannon Santagato

Follow her: @shannonsantagato
I don’t check Instagram obsessively, but when I do, I always check Shannon’s account. I’ve seen her say that her Instagram is like an art portfolio, and that’s obvious when you check out her page. Maybe I’m just a sucker for lovely pajamas, fresh cut flowers, and her gorgeous décor, but Shannon’s account is one that I will be checking religiously for a long while.

3 Sprinkle of Glitter

Follow her: @sprinkleofglitr
If you’re not already one of Louise’s 1.2 million YouTube subscribers and don’t know who she is, her Instagram biography sums it up best. She’s a “blogging, vlogging mummy with an infatuation for glitter and sparkles,” which is very apparent after spending a few seconds on her Instagram account. I love following her for her girly, chic pictures as well as adorable pictures of her little one.

4 For Chic Sake

Follow them: @forchicsake
If you’re like me and have a penchant for pink, gold, and DIY, For Chic Sake is an Instagram account you need in your life. I’ve only been following them for a short while, so I often find myself getting lost in their gorgeous posts for hours. There’s just so much pretty! I can’t take it!

5 The Pink Diary

Follow her: @thepinkdiary
The Pink Diary is another recent find of mine that I’m sad I didn’t come across earlier. I’m going through a flowers and macaroons phase right now, so this account sold me when I was just a few seconds in. If you’re like me and love flowers and French treats, you need to give this account a look! She posts everything from adorable outfit ideas to gorgeous food, making this account a must follow.

6 Taylor Swift

Follow her: @taylorswift
I vaguely remember Taylor Swift saying in an interview that she’d lost her Instagram password a short while ago. Somehow, she retrieved it, and her fans everywhere rejoiced. Taylor’s Instagram is this amazing account of concert pictures, garden parties, baked goods, and childhood home movies. In fact, it’s basically everything that makes Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift. Even if you’re not a huge fan of her, her Instagram account is one of my favorites to follow.

7 Milk Bubble Tea Blog

Follow her: @milkbubbleteablog
I’m not even sure how I came across Becky’s Instagram, but not a day goes by that I don’t spend even a little bit of time drooling over one of her posts. Everything feels fresh and spring-like, which is perfect for you if you’ve had a dreary winter like I’ve had! Plus, if you’re looking for kitchens to pin to your “Dream Home” board on Pinterest, I suggest looking at the pictures of hers. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a kitchen so much.

Do you follow any of these ladies? Which ones will you start to follow? Let me know in the comments!

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