7 Absolutely Adorable Instagram Accounts to Check out ...


I, like most people, like to spend a somewhat substantial amount of time gawking at adorable Instagram accounts. With accounts like the ones on this list, can you blame me? It’s like transporting to a world of pretty clothes, delicious food, and amazing décor, in the form of adorable Instagram accounts. If you like to spend a little bit of time drooling over adorable Instagram accounts, you must start following these ladies immediately.

1. Lauren Conrad

Follow her: @laurenconrad

Lauren Conrad is the queen of everything girly and chic, making her first on this list of adorable Instagram accounts. She posts the most gorgeous pictures, whether she’s on the beach or in the office. Her eye for all things chic plus a few tinted filters make Lauren Conrad’s Instagram heaven for every girly girl.

Shannon Santagato
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