You Need Sleep Aid Apps πŸ“± if You Live 🌎 in One of the Sleepless 😴 US States πŸ—Ί ...

The Centers for Disease Control has deemed insufficient sleep is a public health problem [1]. Despite the recommended 7-8 hours per night, CDC data reports that 30% US adults exist on 6 hours or less. In conjunction with the CDC, Healthgrove compiled a list of the most sleep-deprived states in the US. [2] The top 20 are:

1 West Virginia
2 Kentucky
3 Tennessee
4 Oklahoma
5 Missouri
6 Alabama
7 Mississippi
8 Delaware
9 Ohio
10 Indiana
11 Florida
12 Pennsylvania
13 Louisiana
14 Utah
15 North Carolina
16 New York
17 Arkansas
18 Maryland
19 Georgia
20 Nevada

Good sleep is absolutely vital to your health and well being. If you aren’t getting enough or the quality is poor, these sleep help and sleep tracking apps will surely aid changing that.

1. SleepTime+

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This is a sleep analysis app that helps you fall asleep and then wake up feeling refreshed without the associated grogginess that comes with waking up while in a very deep sleep. It wakes you when you are in a lighter phase of your sleep cycle, which makes waking up a lot easier.

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