2. Quality Dates

Secondly, let’s talk about quality. If you have used a dating app, chances are you have a bad date experience. Your date is rude, doesn’t look like his pictures, lied about height, has bad breath, manners, etc., the list can continue endlessly on. How embarrassing and awkward are those blind dates? Meeting someone in real life removes all of that. It is the ultimate experience, giving you a first impression without expectations and an organic chance to continue to move forward if you both feel a mutual attraction. Nothing is worse than showing up on a date and realizing within minutes the connection isn’t there.

When you meet someone in real life for the first time, there is usually a connection that brought you to connect in the first place. No more dating regret. Along with the topic of quality, you will ultimately remove yourself from a group of people who are most likely matching and hooking up with the same people on the app in the area. Bluntly putting it, you’re not matching with Tommy who matched and is already hooking up with Amy, Jessica and Sydney, too. Who wants to be apart of that? Meeting someone organically you will be able to get to know them on a more personal level, with fewer chances of ending up in some love pool, STD filled drama. You know it’s true.

Hopefully you had an awakening here or a reminder of why dating apps are no good for you.

Dating apps are for those who are afraid to leave their comfort zones. Your true love is out there waiting for you so get off the couch and find him!