Interesting 🤔 Reasons Why You Should 👍 Delete 🗑 Your Dating 💑 Apps 📱 Today!


I'm here to tell you why you should delete your dating apps. Okay, we get it, it is challenging to meet people to date these days. Whether you are a student, a busy professional, have kids to raise, or simply are more of a homebody, no one is free from the awkward, complicated struggles that finding a potential companion brings. But who says dating apps help solve these problems anyway? With the thought of swiping right being the most convenient way to meet someone, I am going to list some reasons you are doing a huge disservice to yourself and your love life. Here's why you should delete your dating apps.

1. Get out There

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Deleting your dating apps will mean that if you want to meet someone, you are forced to get out of the house. Yes, I get it, you might be a homebody or lack the gift of time but, hear me out. When your friends ask you out to events or activities, SAY YES! When you see your favorite musician coming to town, buy tickets and go with friends. When summer comes along, host BBQ’s, go hiking, plan camping trips, go out and live life! Say yes when friends ask you to events you normally wouldn’t go to. This brings opportunities to meet people you normally wouldn’t, increasing the chances of meeting someone you might find interest in.

Also, this is a great way to build strong relationships with your current friends and meet others as you go. You’ll be having fun along the way, as you quickly notice your group of friends and networks growing from all the time you’ve spent in new social situations. Don’t order a guy the same way you do a pizza, that just doesn’t sound right, even if it is 2018. Nothing compares to meeting someone organically and let’s admit it, you will have a better love story. Moral of this rant? Get out of the house and your comfort zone and meet someone the good old’ fashioned way. You’ll make great memories along the way.

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