7 Ways to Make Your IPhone Charge Faster ...

We can't live without our phones, which is why it's so frustrating when our cell batteries die before our day is over. However, as long as you have your charger on you, you can make your phone's battery fill up before you need to walk away from the wall socket. All you have to do is know the tricks of the trade. Here are a few sneaky techniques you can use to make your iPhone charge faster:

1. Turn on Airplane Mode

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Putting your phone on airplane mode is one of the easiest ways to make it charge faster. All you have to do is press a button. The mode doesn't even do much, besides turn off your wi-fi and Bluetooth, so don't use it if you're in need of the Internet. It's great to use while you're showering or in class, because you won't be able to use your phone anyway.

2. Turn off Your Entire Phone

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If you can stand an hour without checking your texts, then you should turn your phone off while you let it charge. It'll let the battery fill up faster, so if you're short on time, it's a great move to use. Plus, it'll help you learn how to live without technology (at least for a little while).

3. Keep It in a Cool Environment

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If your phone overheats, the battery is going to weaken. That's why you should avoid leaving your phone in the hot car. While you don't need to keep your phone in a freezer, make sure to keep it in cool place and avoid putting anything over it that would make it heat up.

4. Let Your Phone Die Naturally

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This advice comes from Apple itself. The company advises its users to charge their phones to 100% and let the battery drain until the phone turns off by itself. You don't have to do that every single day, though. Once a month should suffice. It'll remind your phone of how long it's capable of staying on, which will keep the battery running smoothly.

5. Use a Wall Socket, Not a USB Port

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Some methods of charging your phone work better than other methods. If you can, you should charge your phone in a wall socket instead of inside of a laptop's USB port.

6. Remove the Case to Make It Cooler

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Since your phone will charge faster when it's cooler, it can help to remove your case. If it's thick, it could be making your phone hotter than is healthy for the battery. Removing the case is a quick fix that'll cool it right down.

7. Some Chargers Charge Faster than Others

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You don't have to stick to using the charger that came with your phone. Some chargers actually work better than others, so you should go to the Apple store to look at your options. You could end up finding a charger that will charge your phone faster than the one that you currently have. It's all about the details.

Our cell phones are helpful for storing information, looking up news, and contacting our friends. However, they die way too quickly. Of course, with these tips, you should be able to go through your day without worrying about your phone dying on you. Do you own an iPhone? Which one do you have?

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