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Everyone wants to feel popular, so don't feel embarrassed if you're looking for ways to get lots of likes on your selfie. Approval from others isn't that big of a deal, but it can sure feel like it when you know everyone can see how popular your latest post is. Well, there's no reason to worry about it anymore. Here are some of the most useful ways to get lots of likes on your selfie:

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Time Will Tell

It's best to post your photos during the time of day when most of your friends will see them. If you're on a social media site like Facebook, then you'll be able to see how many friends are logged in. If you're on Instagram or Tumblr, then you can judge how many people are also on by how busy your dashboard is. Paying attention to how many of your friends are actually going to see your photos is one of the best ways to get lots of likes on your selfie.


Location, Location, Location

Do the majority of your friends use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest? If you're posting on a site that no one uses, then you can't expect to get many likes on the photo. You have to use a social media site that you know everyone else is still using, so that they can see your beautiful face.


Have Hashtags

Don't underestimate the importance of hashtags. If you think that strangers will love your selfie as much as your friends and family do, then use hashtags so that the entire world can view you. Just don't use words that are overly specific. Keep things general by sticking to words that you know other people will type into their search bar.


Lovely Lighting

Bad lighting can kill a perfectly good photo. If your room is too dark, then no one will be able to see your gorgeous face. Try to find an area with better lighting so that there are no odd shadows or sections of darkness. The better the lighting, the better the picture.


Clever Caption

Some people won't want to like your selfie because it'll look like they're attracted to you. That's why you need to come up with a clever caption. That way people will feel more comfortable liking it, because there's no way to tell if they think you're gorgeous or funny.


Hold the Camera High

It'll look silly if you hold your phone way too high in the air, but if you raise it just a little above your head, you'll get a great angle of yourself. Just make sure to take a bunch of photos to see which one looks best. You never want to post the first photo you snap.


Add Something Interesting

If you randomly post selfies, some people may view you as narcissistic. That's why you should try to add something interesting to the picture. If you have a puppy, take a photo with him. If you got a manicure, have your nails in the picture. If you're in front of the Eiffel Tower, make sure you get it in the photo.

Don't stop taking selfies when other people call it silly. It's a great idea to capture different moments in your life and you'll be happy to have the photos when you're older. Do you take tons of selfies or are you camera shy?

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