Totally 💯 Perfect Apps 📱 to Maximize Your Wardrobe 👗👠 without Spending a Fortune 💰 ...

If you're anything like me, you fave pieces are always getting lost in the huge mountain of clothes bursting out of your closet, or maybe you just have trouble deciding on wear to wear each morning! Well, what if I told you that you could do yourself a huge favour simply by taking your closet digital with handy closet organisation apps? This will save you a heap of time when it comes to dealing with your closet, plus it's easy to find new, cohesive outfits simply by looking at the digital version instead of the real thing! Here are Refinery29's picks for the best closet organisation apps:

1. Omni

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Free to download on iOS

If you know you want to get certain items, such as your bulky winter clothes, out of your closet, but don't want to deal with cataloguing and organizing them, opt for Omni. After scheduling a pick-up through the app, the company comes to your place, picks up your items, and stores them for a small fee (prices start at .50 per item, depending on what you store).

After Omni picks up your items, it photographs and adds them to your account in the app. From there, you can request to have an item returned to your apartment or lend it to a friend at any time.

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