7 Top Travel Apps for Android Users ...

I know how frustrating it is for Android users to find so many articles all over the Net about the best apps and to find they are all for iOS, so I thought I’d find the best travel apps for Android. I’ve looked for a wide selection to give you an idea of the ones that are out there and they should be as good as iOS equivalents; which is as it should be because Android is now the most common platform as more competition to Apple devices enter the market. Here are some of the best travel apps for Android users:

1. Stay City Guides, Offline Maps

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Download here: play.google.com

This is one of the better thought out travel apps for Android because it allows you to use your selected maps offline. People think it is a great idea to have apps with information and maps on, but they do not realize that they need to connect to the Internet to use them when they get overseas, which is going to cost them more with roaming charges. With this app, you are able to load your maps onto your phone and then take them with you to use offline. This means you can use your maps in remote areas too where an Internet signal is not a commonly used thing.

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