7 Top Apps for People with Disabilities ...

The range of apps for people with disabilities is quite extensive. There are some general ones, but obviously there are apps targeted at people with specific mental and physical challenges. If you are challenged yourself, are a parent or carer, you might find some expert advice or extra and welcomed help in apps for people with disabilities.

1. Voice Dream Reader – Text to Speech

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If you are looking for great general apps for people with disabilities, the first app that you should download is the Voice Dream Reader – Text to Speech app. For just $9.99, you can download one of the most comprehensive text to speech apps available on the iTunes market. This app will help those with both hearing and visual impairments, providing them with the option of communicating with others simply through the use of textual input or voice input. The app will either read aloud a message or, for those with hearing impairments, it can interpret spoken words into text. This two-way system makes it one of the best apps available.

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