7 Tips for Using Your IPhone All Day without It Dying ...


If you have an iPhone, you probably love everything about it, except how fast the battery drains. It's annoying to have to carry around your charger all day, hoping that an outlet will be nearby when you need it. However, if you know the right way to treat your phone, you wont' have to worry about all that. Here are some of the best tips for using your iPhone all day without it dying:

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Careful with Apps

Apps are all fun and games until they drain your entire battery. If you have a lot of apps, you need to make sure that you go to settings and turn off the automatic refresh, which constantly wastes your battery, even when you're not touching your phone. You should also make sure that you don't allow apps to automatically update. If you do, your phone will be dead in no time.


Turn down Brightness

If you don't need your screen's brightness turned up all the way in order to see clearly, you should turn it down. The darker your screen, the better. So if you have good eyesight, make sure to keep the brightness turned down as low as it can go. It's an easy fix.


Turn off Internet

When you're not using the internet, turn it off. You don't always need to be connected to it. If you are, then your phone will be constantly looking for hotspots, which will waste your battery. There's no sense in letting that happen if you aren't going to be searching the web anyway.


Turn off Location Services

The iPhone has plenty of cool tricks, but you don't always need to use them. If you have apps that check your location to tell you about the nearest gas station or about how close your friends are, it's going to drain your battery. If you don't need those apps at the moment, turn off the location services to save battery.


Turn off Bluetooth

If you don't need bluetooth, there's no reason for it to be turned on. The iPhone makes it all too easy to accidentally turn on bluetooth, so if you notice that your battery is low, check to make sure that you don't have it, or any other battery zappers, activated.


Auto Lock Sooner

Set your auto lock to 1 minute instead of 5. That way, the screen will shut off as soon as you stop touching your phone. A 4 minute difference doesn't seem like a very long time, but it certainly adds up throughout the day. That's why you should head to settings and change your auto lock ASAP.


Let It Die before Charging

Try not to charge your phone when it hits 50%. It's better to wait for your phone to come close to dying before you stick the charger in it. Unfortunately, the more you charge the battery, the less energy it will contain. That means that whenever you can, you should wait for it to come close to 1%.

When you pay so much money for a phone, the least it can do is last you all day. While it's tempting to check your apps every five minutes, try to refrain if you want your battery to stay charged. What other battery saving tips do you have for iPhone users?

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Apple (for one), highly recommends that you always keep your phone's battery charged IDEALLY between 40-80%, explanation on their website. I'm not sure with other phones though. 😊

I needed this a while ago but now i know ;)

This article was helpful! Thanks!

Letting your phone die weakens the battery

Turn it into Airplane mode when you're not using it for a while. And when you're charging it, it saves battery both ways.

Oh and thanks for the other tips! :)

Airplane mode works

I love how we can teach ourself to use our iPhones

Thanks for the tips

Good tips ~ thanks!

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