7 Tips for Starting a Youtube Channel ...

By Alison

7 Tips for Starting a Youtube Channel ...

The thought of starting your own YouTube channel can be quite exciting. After all, if Zoella and other vloggers can make it big, then why can't you? Even if you don't become huge, then you can still enjoy making new videos, gaining viewers and sharing your interests. So what should you bear in mind? Here are some tips on making videos and starting your own YouTube channel …

Table of contents:

  1. don't expect to get rich
  2. post new content
  3. be engaging
  4. niche content
  5. slow growth
  6. something you enjoy
  7. do it for fun

1 Don't Expect to Get Rich

Although we hear about some success stories, with millions of regular viewers and plenty of cash in the bank, those people are rare. You shouldn't expect to get rich from YouTube. It's certainly worth learning how to monetise your channel, and you might well make a bit of extra cash. But there aren't millions to be earned, and probably not even hundreds.

2 Post New Content

To gain and retain viewers, you'll need to regularly post new content. Otherwise people will forget about your channel or assume that you're no longer interested. If there's nothing new for them to watch, why should they keep coming back? Give them new material to keep them interested and look forward to viewing.

3 Be Engaging

When you start a YouTube channel you should be yourself in the videos. It's about turning yourself into a brand, even if in a small way. You need to stand out from the crowd. The best vloggers like Zoella have built a following because their viewers feel that it's like watching a friend. Do the same, so that people enjoy watching your videos.

4 Niche Content

There are countless channels dedicated to any one subject. So how do you make yours stand out and get people's interest? One way is to narrow down your field of interest to a niche. For example, there are thousands of beauty channels. So what about dedicating your channel to makeup for girls who wear glasses, or do videos only using cruelty-free products?

5 Slow Growth

Don't expect your channel to be an overnight success, or be disappointed that you're only gaining a few new viewers. It takes time to build a following. Even a video that's been watched millions of times may not mean that the channel retains viewers; they may only watch that one video once. Give people a reason to keep coming back.

6 Something You Enjoy

You may be interested in starting a channel, but not be sure what to make videos about. The best topic is something that you enjoy, so that you can talk about it with enthusiasm. If you enjoy talking about the subject, people will enjoy watching your videos.

7 Do It for Fun

Approach your channel as something you want to do for the fun of it. Then if you make any money it'll be a bonus, but you won't be disappointed if you don't. It's nice to engage with fellow enthusiasts and share your hobby or interest. But you'll most likely be dedicating your time just for fun, rather than making enough to give up your day job.

If you'd like to start a YouTube channel, look at some other popular channels for inspiration. See how they film their clips and how they interact with their audience. And have fun making your videos! Which is your favorite channel on YouTube, and why?

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